Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Beginning

Even though I used to live on a big city, (or maybe because of that), I ve always found it very relaxing to set my mind free to fantasy worlds, to ancient forests filled with mystery and magic.
Back then I had a friend who made some beautiful trees. I asked her if she was willing to teach me and she did. At first off course I was really bad at it, but in time I got better and I actually found my way of making them. Back then they were much more simple due to lack of resources. I ve never consider selling them, I ve always thought of it as a nice hobby which made my life in the big city a bit easier.
Many years passed and they everyday life became so busy that I couldnt find the time to create. It was something that always bothered me. It was something that made me feel even more tired with each passing day. At that time nothing really satisfied me, I didnt know what I wanted to do with my life and every thing seemed so difficult. But life has in store good and bad surprises for us all. So, two years ago I was at a crossroad of decisions that changed my life completely. I m glad to say that I made some right choices that led me to move out from the big city, to a small town on a different country. The serenity of the place enabled me to start creating again.
Two people have been really supportive of my work and this is the perfect time to thank them from the bottom of my heart. One of them is my wonderful husband and the other one is Kirsten Miller, a former lawyer who gave up her work to follow her dreams. She now is a successful crafter who spreads cuteness, joy and giggles with her creations all around the world. She is the founder of Quernus Crafts and she has given me great help during the last months.
 The purpose of my trees is to relax your mind and travel to distant worlds, where magic and dreams never fade. Thus Drømme Lund (Dreamy Grove), was born.
So, leave all your cares behind, set your mind free and walk with me into the realms of fantasy.

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