Sunday, 17 July 2011

In The Making

One of the most difficult parts in creating a copper wire tree is find your own technique. That doesn't mean that you should take your copper wire and start experimenting. What I mean is that you should see some techniques and try to find your own way.
The person that taught me for instance, used a pair of pliers from begginng to the end. I ve found out that using a pair of pliers weakend the wires a bit and there is a chance of breaking the wire or the bead. So, what I do (in a nutshell is that I use my hands to twist every bead into a piece of wire, then I create the branches by taking the pieces of wire that I previously attached a bead on. After that part, as the branches become thicker a pair of pliers is my friend..
When I have 3 or 6 big branches (depends on the size of the tree) I use my hands again to shape the trunk. I leave a bit of loose wire underneath for the roots and then I shape them with pliers. After the roots are done I open the branches of the tree. That is an exciting moment as well as an anxious one. Before that I can't really tell if the tree would look good or natural.
So after I make sure that it looks alright its time for the decoration of the tree. That includes charms, or cobwebs made with a silicon pistol, or shells or any other item my inspiration points out to me. I usually let my mind and spirit reach out when I create. I think that's best.
After the tree is done and the decorations placed I decide whether the wooden based will be dressed with cloth or not. The wood in being cut (by my husband) and then I make holes with a drill and I lacquer it. After it has been dried I place the tree upon the base and I take pieces of wire to secure the tree on the base. I've found that this is the best way to go. Silicon pistol wouldn't work, neither would super glue.
Now I know I m almost done. I check the sculpture again watching the details and add the last touches.
The whole procedure takes a day more or less.
I find it really fulfilling. Here is a recent one and one of my favourites:

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