Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Autumn Leaves Falling....

Soon the season will change. The green colours will be replaced with yellows and gold, red and brown. It is the time of the year when the skies turn grey and the leaves start to fall.
In Denmark the summer has almost ended. The temperature has fallen and the birds are preparing for autumn. I love this time of year. It is the perfect way for nature to prepare us for the cold days of winter. The colors of autumn are so warm that make a great contrast with the grey skies and the chilly days.
Most people dont like autumn mainly because the comfort of warmth is gone. But the sight of nature is the perfect way to warm out hearts and souls and I think that we all should take comfort of what surrounds us and welcome the start of the season.
What better way to do that than having on our homes handmade items crafted with love and care. Decorative items that will warm the heart and make our house a home.
Here at Drømme Lund we have started to prepare for the coming of autumn. Dreamy Windows and magic trees are ready for their mission to guide you through the lands of fantasy.
So here they are
Autumn Leaves : A beautiful window in really warm colors. The background is made of soft felt in the color of pumpkin and the leaves are made of felt as well in different autumn colors. The tree itself is made of copper wire and its branches are adorned with red acrylic beads in a shape of a leaf. All of the window is handmade including the frame. It has a hanger on the back that it ll make it easy to hang upon the wall.
Autumn Window: This window has a special enchanted tree on it, guaranteed to guide you through magical mystical forests where colors are most impressive. The fairies live around this beautiful purple colored tree. The background is made of felt as well as the leaves. The tree is made of purple copper wire and its branches are adorned with acrylic red beads in a lovely leaf shape.

This season the wind will start blowing a bit more. We ll soon be able to hear its eerie sound through the branches and the leaves.  It is the time that spirits visit us, we can hear their whispers all around. Join the spirit of the halloween season and decorate your house with ghostly and dreamy windows..

Perfect gifts to everyone who might live in a big city or to people who have the luck of living close to nature. Just light up a candle and let your imagination free to roam.
It is also a time for witches and wizards to join our little venture. They are never far away.. They usually read their books in their studies but they do have some beautiful artifacts that are dear to them and decorate their studies:

It will be a lovely autumn, make it even more special with a handmade item that will bring you joy and serenity on the end of a hard working day. Hope you enjoyed our little walk on the paths of the Dreamy Grove..


  1. These are gorgeous. So delicate and intricate.

  2. Thank you so much! Sorry for the really delayed response