Thursday, 11 August 2011

Keep The Spirit Of Summer Alive

Here at Drømme Lund the summer is slowly coming to an end. The days grow shorter, the skies are darker and nature prepares itself for autumn. As each day passes I notice that the birds have stopped their calling. Their little ones have already grown up and make their first flying attempts.

Most people love summer. The warmth that it brings, the laghter of the children playing outside free of school cares and of course it is time for the sea. But as the summer ends we feel a bit nostalgic of all the wonders we have seen and all the happy memories we have made during that warm season. A really good way to keep the memories alive is a one of a kind handcrafted item that was made with care and love. There is one for every taste as long as you look for it. Here I will speak about 2 tree sculptures I made in the spirit of summer and of course they are filled with sea shells.

So, this is Sea Legend. All elements have their legendary creatures. This sculpture is inspired by merfolks, mermaids, water nymphs and of course summer. A meeting place for all the underwater creatures and a great way to keep the memories of summer alive. It has been decorated with a lot of shells to stand out from other trees, it is made of green copper wire and stands on a piece of bark (7.5cm x 5.5cm)
The bark reminds me of some pieces of wood which you can find on the beach that have been withered by saltwater. The sea shells have been picked up by me during the summer as I was walking on the shore.

The second tree inspired by summer and fantasy is Treasures Of The Sea:

Summer has always reminded me of ships and pirates. Some times when I was a child we used to do some treasure hunts by the sea. Find clues and do some research before we could actually find an old pirate treasure, which most of the times contained candy. The perfect treasure for a small pirate!
Since I wanted to have a more under the sea effect on this one, I tarnished the wire and used some salt on it. It has a more antique look and it will get better as time goes by. It does remind me of pirate ships and lost treasure that have been claimed by the sea.
This tree is handmade with copper wire, green beads and cream glass crackle beads which give the impression of small orbs. It is abour 7.5cm high and stands on a piece of bark (8cm x 8.4cm), decorated with hand picked sea shells.

Summer may come to an end, but next year it will return. Till then you can have a unique item made with care and love that is guaranteed to keep the memories alive during the coldest days and nights.
The idea of Drømme Lund is to let your mind escape from every day routine, through your own happy memories, or/and through the passages of your own dreams and imagination. What better way to end a stressful day by sipping your favourite beverage and set your mind free to the lands of fantasy?

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