Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Taking Ideas Further

One of the important things when I create is to let my imagination take over things. That mostly means that I start a new idea and it takes me in another direction. It is the exciting thing about creating.
So when the book''How to Create Beaded and Wire Tree Sculptures'' by Sal Villano caught my attention, I decided to buy it and try his technique which is quite famous in crafters who deal with tree sculptures or copper wire. I started trying this new technique and as I progressed with the sculpture, I saw that I was creating something different.
Then I got the idea about the Dreamy Windows. The result was really good. I used the felt cloth for the backrounds, I secured the tree with wire on the wood and I placed the hanger on the back. The ones that are currently for sale are framed as well

For more photos of the Dreamy Windows feel free to check my  FB page or My Etsy Shop

Recently I experimented with a Dreamy window I made for myself. I hang it outside our door and one day I thought of another use for it. I  converted it to an address tile. And here is the result

It is great to let your imagination carry your mind and hands into creating something that you haven't planned.

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