Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Ideas: Wooden Tiles

Some weeks ago, I had a new idea. Making small wooden tiles that resemble the Dreamy Windows. Small pieces of wood decorated with my trees, felt cloth and charms. A great idea to decorate doors, windows and other placesof your choosing. The posibilities are endless. An idea which is affordable and can make a great gift to everyone who likes something unique.
Each of them is one of a kind, made with love. First of all the wood is being cut in the workshop. Then I make the small trees and decide on the appropriate colour of the felt cloth I ll be using. I usually get inspired from the seasons and from fantasy themes. In my mind there is an enormous enchanting forest which expands with every new idea. After I ve decided how the tile would look like, its time to drill holes to the wood in order to secure the tree. After the holes have been drilled I dress the wood in felt cloth and glue it on with a silicon glue gun. Then its time for the tree to be secured on the wood. In my experience the best way to do this is to take a piece of wire and twist it on the back of the wood. The tree is safely secured, and there is no danger of it being unstuck after time. Then its time for the final touches. Charms, or felt shapes take their place are are firmly secured on the tile.The final touch is a piece of ribbon that will enable you to hang it anywhere you wish.
Each tile is approximately 14cm tall and 5.5cm wide, signed in the back with the initials of the Dreamy Grove (DL). Here are the ones I ve made so far:
Christmas themed

 Fantasy Themed

Nature Themed

You can see more photos of them on MyEtsy or on my Facebook page. Both links can be found on the right side of this blog. Near Christmas I ll be writing a bit more about one of a kind christmas decorations that will make your home enchanting.

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