Friday, 27 January 2012

Let It Snow!!

   So yesterday evening there was a forecast for snow. This winter has been a bit dissapointing on that part. We havent got any snow and I really cant imagine a winter without snow. I was hoping it to happen, but the last few weeks I gave up, since I saw nature waking up slowly. New flowers were popping up from the ground and I thought that spring was fast on its way. I told my husband that no matter what the forecast said, I ll believe it ll snow when I see it.
   Around 00:30 in the night it started. First slowly the first snowflakes hit the ground and after 10 minutes the snow started pilling up on the side of the road. I was so excited! When I woke up this morning I knew I would see the beauty of winter:
Our Front Yard
My cat Olaf of course wanted to join the fun. It was the first time out in the snow, so at first he took it slow, wondering what happened to the green things outside. Soon after he was running in the snow and hopped like a bunny. Being a Norwegian Forest cat, he is build for this climate. His fur is very dense and well insulated, so you can imagine how much he enjoyed himself. I wanted to take a photo and capture the moment, but it was so hard. he wouldnt stay put. When finally I made it (completely by accident I assure you ) He looks so pretty in the snow!!

   So for an hour I have been sitting beside my favourite window, with a cup of coffee watching the Winter wonderland outside and my mind travelled to distant times when people didnt have the luxuries we have now. When people lived in harmony with nature because it was the only way to survive. They had so little but their will was immense. These were the true survivors. For that they have my outmost respect and I always think about them during the winter.
   The past holds so many lessons but we still keep focusing in the future. I am not suggesting that its a bad thing. I m just trying to say that we can live with much less. Sure thing, wouldnt be so convenient, but with all these distractions and technology today we are missing so much. We have allienated ourselves with the only thing that in the very end will keep us alive; the wonderful world that surrounds us.

Mr Snowballs
Mr Snowballs, Timmy and Rosie

 And as I was thinking these things I heard a noise. So soft like a mouse's and then I realised that someone had gone outside. I opened the door and I saw Mr Snowballs playing in the snow!
   Of course the other mice joined in for a snowball fight. Here is how ir started. I didnt take a photo of the actual snowball fight. Mice can be crazy with snowball fights ;)
Many thanks to Kirsten from Quernus Crafts for creating these mice for me. :)

   So this day has been fun for all of us here at the Grove. All the trees like the snow. And most trees have an inner glow when it snows :)
I am a winter person myself. I appreciate all the seasons though, they are all beautiful in their own way and what better way to witness the circle of life?
Currently I have a giveaway on my Facebook page for all of you who are interested. A small tree with an inner glow :) 
For a chance to win it just share the photos from my Facebook page to yours and tag yourselves in one of the photos of the album.

So, that's all from me today. I hope you ll all enjoy your day!!

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