Saturday, 21 January 2012

A New Exciting Year Comes

A new exciting year arrives here at the Grove. Many projects are on my mind some are in progress :)
The most exciting thing would be a new series of limited trees that are made with gemstones. Each month has its own gemstone and each of the trees will be made with the appropriate stone.
So far there are two trees in the series
 The first one is the garnet tree. Made of natural garnet and silver colored wire. For more info please check either my Facebook page or My Etsy
The second one is the Amethyst Tree
 Made with natural amethyst chips and silver plated wire. An excellent gift for yourself or for your loved ones that are born during these months.

Also there are a lot of Small Decorations that are coming along. All handmade with love and respect to the nature that surrounds us. They are more affordable than the normal trees and they can make your home an enchanting one.  Here is a sample
 And last but not least a new series of enchanting bookmarks. Reading is very important to me. It inspires me and takes me to distant fantasy lands. I wanted to create a luxury bookmark that reflects that, a bookmark that wont fold easily so that it lasts. I was thinking a lot of how to do it and finally the series of the enchanting Drømme Lund bookmarks are here!!

With all these new ideas I feel that this year will be an enchanting and exciting one for the Grove. I would like to thank each and every one of you for all your support you ve given me. I do feel so blessed to be able to express my creativity during the last year and I m so grateful that I can continue :)
Stay tuned for many more to come :)

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