Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Of Moon And Seasons..

This winter has passed so fast! I am a person who loves this season and most of all its snow. Well we didnt have any this year and it looks like spring is on its way. The other day I saw some flowers blooming. I think they are called winter lillies or something similar.
A beautiful flower white as snow. It looks so pure and yet so strong to survive hidden in the ground for such a long time.

Here is a photo of them:
So the nature started to wake up lazily and I thought winter was over when suddenly the temperature drops so much that everything just froze. I dont mind that much but it feels like time has stop for these little flowers. :)
The time might have stopped a bit but exciting things are going to happen in the Grove. So far The enchanting trees have been featured in Jenny The Artist blog! Go and check that lovely blog and meet Jenny a talented artist.

Other news of the Grove is the birth of two magical trees. I just love the moon. Its mystery and magic is something that has always inspired me. So, I thought, if I combine glass crystals, an owl and a crescent moon how could it be wrong?
Midnight Flights

Innocent Moon
 The other one gave me a sense of innocence and purity. Its like it came out of a child's dream. Everything fits together. The colors, the dragonflies and the little snail make me think about the times when I was a child and dreamed about fairytale lands with tall trees in various shades of green, purple and brown.. Of course in these daydreams I met the occational fairy :)

There are other Dreamy Moonlight Ornaments on their way. They ll start appearing and spreading their magic all around. In the meanwhile I ll try to make some photos of the frost tomorrow :)

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