Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Change Of The Season And Feelings Of Creativity

   As much as I like the changes of the seasons I must admit the first days of spring are always a bit annoying here. I do love the strong winds but early spring means a lot of rain and having rain with wind can be rather annoying.. One of the things I truly enjoy though is watching the nature waking up slowly. Flowers start to sprout from the ground, the earth is waking up and everything will turn green soon.
   Spring is the season of regeneration and rebirth. New beginings and new opportunities await for us all, as long as we have our hearts open to see them.
Cherry Tree
In my enchanting, dreamy grove a lot of new saplings have sprouted most of them inspired by the coming of spring. This was the first time I ve used small glass beads in flower shapes. So the Cherry Tree was born.
 I learned in the process of course and that is he joy of creation, to experiment and learn. I must admit that in all things, I ve always enjoyed the process of the journey than reaching a destination. Needless to say that completing something that you create is a wonderful feeling, but still I think it can't compared to the point when you conceive the idea in your mind. It comes at first as softly as a breeze that gets stronger as the running water of a river. Then it roots itself deep in your mind like the roots of an old tree and after a while the idea gives the fire of creation to your hands and you know that you wont rest till you finish it.
We humans have a wonderful gift. The ability to think and create things. Take this ability away and our lives become simple, boring and filled with stress. Finding the time to walk into the paths of your own fantasy, spirituality and creativity is a delightful process that is bound to make you aware of a part of yourself that probably lays dormant ever since childhood. I still remember fondly the works of art I used to create when I was a child. Things were more simple back then and more carefree. Most of the times when I create I  feel the same way. I is such a liberating feeling especially since creating is my work even though when I m making the trees I dont see it at all in that way. When I started and decided that this is what I want to do, I felt uncertain and of course I took a risk. I started my journey a year ago and I m still travelling and learning through my experiences. That's what makes it worthwhile. The risk and stress arent over, but I feel happy and more aware of myself than ever before.
Ying Yang Tree Sculpture

Yin Yand from above

Ying Yang seperated

Ying Yang with tealights
When I first started on this journey my work might have seen simple, but now I am ready to take chances on bigger projects and I m sure that some of you who have been here with me from the sart can see the changes. This month brought me an idea about staring and creating bigger projects. I think that I ought to make my first big project one that would express spirituality and balance. After all this is one aspect of the nature that surrounds us. The Yin and Yang symbol was on my mind and I had the idea instead of the dots to use trees. The Ying And Yang tree sculpture took form. I really enjoyed creating it and the result was welcomed by various positive feedbacks (Thank you all so much! )

It has been a year since I started Drømme Lund.. If I look back I would have to say that I will see a person without confidence and a bit confused about the path that she has chose. Now I feel that I m a bi more confident and a bit more wiser. The journey continues and I hope it wont end anytime soon :)

A special thanks to all the people who have supported and helped me through my first year. The trees have received so much love and I am grateful and blessed. I was honored and lucky to give an interview to a fellow artist Cat from Cat's Wire. If you wish to know a bit more about me and my work feel free to read it here
 The new saplings of the Grove for this season are
Spring Moon
The Spring Moon ornament for the romantic and enchanting spring evenings

Spring in The Woodland Lantern
The Spring In The Woodland hanging lantern 

 And many more will show up slowly as the season progresses.
The Dreamy Calendar continues of course with theAquamarine Tree, the tree of March.
 I hope you will all enjoy the coming of spring and the new opportunities it brings.Stay warm, safe and keep on dreaming till next time :)