Monday, 26 March 2012

Inspiration Of an Oak Leaf....

While spring is upon us the nights here can be so enchanting. It is remarkable how nature can be bright beautiful and dark filled with mystery at the same time.
Days here are very bright, while nights are still dark, but filled with bright stars. I do enjoy walking around my town at night. everything is still apart from a soft breeze, which moves the mist towards the sea. The trees look like they have life on their own within the thick veil of night and mist.
While I was walking I enjoyed the soft breeze and the lovely smell of wet grass and flowers that were all around me. How blessed we truly are being born in such a beautiful planet! Living in a big city, truly opened my eyes to the beauty I never thought existed outside the noise and grey.
Our walk continued to a park that was surrounded by trees and lanterns which were lit to provide some light. Suddenly I felt like I was wondering on a different time. Thus the asfault became a cobblestone path that led me into paths od imagination.
Lovely tree shadows were around me and I felt like I was home.
With this feeling in my heart I started creating something to help the traveller on his own nightly adventure. So, a very special candle holder was born, inspired by nature's mystery that surrounds us.

And so it came to pass that this lovely piece will guide all who wish to travel with their imagination to distant fantasy lands, for what can be more relaxing than to roam free into beautiful places with nature and light as your guide?
Just light up a candle take a deep breath and gaze upon the shadows. Even if you dont have a garden, even if you live in a big grey city, you will see it at the end.
A fairy garden filled with flowers and trees.. The dew shining on the branches and petals, the silence of the night will engulf and sooth your spirit.

Just gaze upon the shadows, set your mind free and dream away..

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