Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Arrivals

Slowly nature is waking up. Same thing with creativity in the Grove. New things have started sprouting and new ideas are waking up. At the moment we are having some cloudy and misty days. It seems that winter doesn't want to leave. But the circle of life must continue and even though winter is leaving us he will come back again.
Easter is on its way. A time of rebirth and I decided to create something new that involves wire and paper. So these are the new spring themed greeting cards of the Grove.
  One of my favourite fantasy themes have taken control over me these last weeks. So the Whomping Willow woke up near the castle and many more  castle themed trees will make an appearance.
In a sence it did feel like I was a bit out of place.. This tree is a bit dark and it would be well suited for autumn/Halloween season, but I enjoyed creating it. It felt like I was a young witch walking in the grounds of Hogwarts.. So at the end it was all good fun.

After the magic of castles I ve had a green attack. I ve been so inspired by all the flowers and the green grass outside that most of the trees I made during March were in the shades of green. The first one was an experiment. The green button tree was born only because I realised that buttons can look so good while twisting them with wire. So this little experiment worked and of course I had to make a matching wooden tile in bright spring colors! I think I am going to create one wooden tile for each season. That would be rather fun. An idea is to decorate your home with seasonal decorations even though its is not a specific holiday around. The seasons and the joy of living through them should be enough to celebrate. Nature is beautiful all year round what a perfect occation to spread the beauty and joy of the seasons in your home. It is like inviting yourself and your loved ones on a party that is on all year round.

Another item I love working with is gemstones. Some of you might have noticed that on my calendar trees I mostly use birthstones to represent each month. It has abeen a pleasure working with this conept, so I decided why not working with these stones on a more regular basis than once a month.. So the malachite tree and the African turquoise tree were born
Lovely stones with many healing and mystial properties
The last tree that was created tese days was a themed tree inspired by The Lord Of The Rings books. I ve always been intrigues with Mallorn trees. These silver trees with golden leaves. I ve always wanted to roam in these old forests of Middle Earth and in a sence I am doing just that every time I create something inspired by this world and these books. I chose silver plated wire and crystals in a warm apricot/golden color. It shimmers so beautifully in the sunlight. It warms my heart just watching it by the window.
So as you can see spring has started in the Grove with a bit of gothic/dark creations and ended up in warm green colors. Exciting times are coming and I do hope we ll all have a prosperous spring. Till next time be safe, happy and dont forget to enjoy springtime.

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