Sunday, 24 June 2012

Of Castles, Trees And Dreams..

It has been a really long time since I wrote here. A lot of things have happened and the Grove has evolved and changed as all things do in life. Summer has come and although I do not like this season much, here we are having a somewhat cold summer.

I must admit I enjoy it quite a lot. Today its a very cloudy, rainy day. It almost feels like autumn and it would be if the leaves were golden. The contrast of the dark sky and the vibrant green color that surrounds our house is stunning.

This dark weather reminds me mostly of England. I had the luck of visiting England and Scotland last year and I must admit I do miss the place. There we visited two gorgeous castles filled with powerful memories. You could feel them in every stone.
Edinburgh Castle

Volcanic Rock
 The Edinburgh castle stands on a volcanic rock and sees all.

A knight to welcome you
I can only imagine how it must have felt waking up in the morning and welcome the new day through its windows, walk in its battlements.  I would like to see the view as it was back then. No roads, No cars, No modern noise. Just a knight to welcome me home.

  Edinburgh castle is indeed impressive and well kept. The place that stole my heart though from that journey was Stirling. Stirling is the Gateway to the Highlands.
Stirling Castle

Its castle might look simpler than Edinburgh, but it holds a magic that can make your mind wonder into a different time where things were different.
View Towards The Monument of William Wallace

 The view is amazing and I can only imagine what it must have felt wondering around the castle on a misty day.

 The place is so serene and it holds a power that can be felt all around. I was mesmerized by the mystery and the history of it. All the wars and pains these stones must have seen.. At the same time all the joys and changes of the seasons it must have seen. It makes me sad that now its stands as a monument of glorious days of old..

 So after all these powerful feelings, inspiration came knocking on the door of my little house in the Grove. Castles and forests always fascinated me, so I thought, it was time to make something and give you the opportunity to obtain a small piece of fantasy magic. I got a lot of help from my husband and from a really talented artist who makes gorgeous pieces with stained glass :)

Her name is Faith Spicer-Jenkins
 and is the owner of FaithsBizzar Art Stained Glass & Decoupage. You can meet her and her work at her facebook page Here
With their help the castle trees were born in the Grove 
A Red Sunset At The Enchanted Castle
Full Moon At The Wizard's Tower (In sunlight)
Full Moon At The Wizard's Tower (In candlelight)
All made with love and filled with mystery and dreams of an era that has passed from history. A huge thanks to Faith for making the stained glass circles and to my husband for shaping the castles. I wouldn't be able to make these pieces without their help.

The last piece I am going to share with you is very special to me. It was inspired by a song of a favorite band of mine. They are called Blackmore's Night. Their music has inspired me through the years and has made me dream of castles, knights, magic and medieval times. I wanted for a long time to make something to honor all the feelings they have given me. This next piece is called Under A Violet Moon, after the Blackmore's night song. Stained glass made by Faith, wooden castle made by my husband and the tree (and all the trees you see here) handmade by me. The whole piece was assembled by me as well.
Under A Violet Moon (In sunlight)

Under A Violet Moon (In candlelight)
At this moment I will let the lyrics of this song and the music to do the talking. Till next time my dear tree friends. Stay safe and keep on dreaming.

''Dancing to the feel of the Drum
Leave this World behind
We'll have a drink and toast to ourselves
Under a violet Moon

Tudor Rose with her Hair in curls

Will make you turn and stare
Try to steal a kiss at the Bridge
Under a violet Moon

Raise your hats and your Glasses too

We will dance the whole Night through 

We're going back to a Time we knew
Under a violet Moon

Cheers to the Knights and Days of olde

the beggars and the thieves
living in an enchanted wood
Under a violet Moon

Fortuneteller, what do you see

The future in a card
Share your secrets, tell them to me
Under a violet Moon

Close your eyes and lose yourself

In a medieval mood
taste the treasures and sing the tunes
Under a violet Moon

This my delight on a shiny night

the seasons of a year
to keep the lanterns burning bright
Under a violet Moon''
, Blackmore's Night Under A Violet Moon

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