Saturday, 25 May 2013

Greetings Dear Friends :)
Another spring day has come. And the weather outside is sunny with fluffy clouds. It will be quite busy around here. We are planning to finish with the painting of the house during the weekend and to have it completed at last. We both cant wait to settle 100%

Yes, it will be busy, but on the other hand there is always time to dream. And one thing I love to do is dreaming. Not necessarily about things I don't have, I usually dream for the sake of dreaming :)

Under A Violet Moon

And today I imagine a tall ancient castle surrounded by a beautiful dark violet moon. The castle is flying in the sky and I can see the clouds behind it adding to the mystery.. Maybe a sorcerer used to live there and he died long time ago. The castle is waiting filled with life for the next capable wizard to come and claim it as his own.. Maybe it is something that belongs to a powerful lord. A guardian of the heavens who watches humanity and rewards the virtuous..

Full Moon At The Wizard's Tower

For the lovers of the classic white moon there is another version of the same castle.

They both look stunning in sunlight and candlelight. On the back they have an elongated wooden base where you could add a tealight. I find especially the white one quite romantic in candlelight :)

So it is time for me to start working around the house and it is time to let all of you dream. Enchant your life and house by letting your imagination roam free from time to time :)
Have a great day everyone :)

PS: Stained Glass made by Faith of FaithsBizzar Art Stained Glass & Decoupage 
The castle was cut sanded and painted by me and my husband and the tree of course made by me :)

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