Friday, 24 May 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Dear Friends

The weekend is almost here and with that the sun has come at last to Norway. We've had rain for days now and it has caused so many problems around here. The farmers have stopped their work and some roads were closed for some hours because of this extensive downpour.

Since I am living outside of a town around fields everything outside seems like lakes of mud. But the sun has been kind and so warm today, that a lot of the water, (at least in the garden), has evaporated. The fields of course are still muddy, but that didn't stop me from going outside for a cuppa under the apple tree.

Olaf, our cat has been very interested as you can see in the following photo :P

So, I was enjoying my day smelling the fresh air and I felt the warmth of the sun and the life around me. This is true bliss, I thought. I would love to share it with all of my friends that are so far away. And I took my camera to take some photos for all of you.

Then a lovely inspiration came to me. My handmade trees would make a great addition to this wonderful spring view. And I took them outside. They enjoyed the weather as much as I did. :)
A warm cup of coffee, homemade buns, Ebony & Ivory, Spring Willow and Cherry Tree
They do make a perfect addition to your garden as well.
Spring Willow

Here we have Spring Willow. All handmade this little tree is from my spring collection. The base is handmade and adorned with silver flower charms. The swing is also handmade and a lovely ladybug sits upon it enjoying the sun.

Ebony & Ivory

And here we have Ebony & Ivory from up close. This tree sits on a slice or birchwood. The inspiration for this piece was balance that exists is nature. The balance that all people strive for.

Cherry Tree

And finally here we can see the Cherry Tree. To me the little pink flowers of a cherry tree embodies the spirit of spring. The color fits the sweetness of the weather. This little fellow is handmade and it has Czech glass beads weaved on its branches in shapes of leaves and flowers.

I think this has been an excellent prelude to a promising weekend :) I hope I have given you all some ideas about enjoying your time in your garden, or you can always go to a near park/forest with a basket and the beverage of your choice. After all the days have grown and it is so nice to enjoy the simple things in life :)

Spring Hugs To You All xxx