Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hello dear friends
I hope you're all enjoying springtime. There have  been a lot of changes in The Grove. We have changed home and country and now we are back.

The last few months have been a bit chaotic and still are, but that is the spice of life isn't it? :)

The Dreamy Grove is fully back on FB and here as well. New items have been created and listed in my shop. You can visit and check them out when you wish.

Previous Sun Catcher Design,  Spring Is Coming 
I will start with the new sun catchers. The new design is far different than the previous one.

New Sun Catcher Design

It is made exclusively with high quality crystals and swarovski pendants.Crystals are a favorite material of mine. Mostly because I find them so enchanting! It is one of the few things that can make my mind wander into fantasy lands of magic and ancient lore. And I find it remarkable that something so simple can bring so much color just by the help of the sun. The trees are made with care and love, with high quality wire. Since there is no wooden frame, the wire had to be more thick in order to stand alone. The technique is a bit different than my usual trees. It is based on my jewelry stand.
Jewelry Stand

The result is  a pretty sun catcher which fills the room with rainbows, provided that the sun is up and playing with the crystals. But even on cloudy days it is a very good way to decorate your windows and give them a bit of glamour and originality.
The inspiration for all of these pieces is the spring season. The days have become really long here in Norway and I wanted to create something to grasp the rays of the sun, reflect them and bring colors and life to the windows and rooms. Since spring is one of the very colorful seasons, the Grove grasps most of these colors and brings them to your home to keep even during winter. I chose  green shades for the fresh lawn, warm gold shades for the soothing touch of the sun, relaxing lavender tones for the lavender fields that I always connect to the coming of spring, fiery red shades for the prelude of an upcoming warm summer and clear crystal for the most gorgeous rainbows.
All The New Sun Catchers Of This Season
 I used the word dawn for this new design, mostly because I find dawn to be a very magical moment. It gives me the same feeling as when I see the rays of the sun reflected on crystals. A new beginning filled with optimism and color :)

Stay tuned dear friends and the Grove will come back with more new items for you to see :)


  1. I just love all your new pieces and the blog looks amazing! ♥