Thursday, 30 May 2013

Late Spring

Spring is leaving us slowly and the air is filled with scents and colour! I am amazed at how beautiful everything is outside. Then again, I am always amazed by the generosity of nature.

Today we had a long drive and it was a shame I didn't take my camera with me. Norway is such a beautiful country.

Instead I took some photos for all of you to see of how the garden and the view from my house look like at the present. Some of you who follow me through FB and know that I have moved recently to Norway, have seen the first photos I had taken back then. Filled with ice and snow and very beautiful. Now you will see the same sights on a different season :)

Here is one of the apple trees in full blossom. It smells so nice and sweet. I bet it ll give us a lot of tasty apples when harvest time comes :)

A close up of the blossoms! Can't you just smell them from afar? Small bumblebees and bees are working very hard this time of year and no wonder!

Some flowers around the house. I m not certain of their names but they add much color :)

The view from out front door.

And the view towards the fields and the forest area. The seeds have start growing and the forest has exploded is all green shades.

Here is the view towards the town from our porch. Soon the fields will turn to gold once the season changes again. I do love that we live outside of a small town. Such peace and quiet and I can see the lovely changes of nature as time goes by.

Anyone knows what kind of plant this is? it has thorns and the leaves are a bit strange to me. I think it might be some sort of a berry bush, but I might be mistaken.. If anyone of my dear tree friends know, please feel free to enlighten me :)

Here are my pride and joy! My pumpkins who are know babies as you can see. Halloween and Hokaido variety. I cant wait to see them swell in a few months :)

And here you can see my other babies. Beetroots!! Soon they will be planted outside

As the month comes to an end so does the season. Today for the first time this year, I saw swallows flying fast in the sky. Busy times for them as well. With their arrival I am reminded that spring is almost at its end and that summer is definitely on its way. I hope you will all take some time to enjoy the last days of spring. Have a nice party or a BBQ and bid her farewell. She will come again next year to give us her lovely gifts of sight, smell and warmth.

Till next time stay safe and many hugs to you all xxx

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