Thursday, 23 May 2013

Weekend Is Almost Upon Us

Hello dear friends
Friday is almost here and weekend is upon us! And now that the weekend comes closer, we think what we have accomplished the last 7 days..

I ask the apple trees outside my door and they answer

We have been stretching and getting warm these days. We have been working hard to sprout new leaves and we the help of the sun we did it! Soon we'll give you beautiful flowers to smell and look at and soon after crispy delicious apples to eat. We do enjoy so much watching the smile of humanity, to give our fruit which has been created through our labor and in return to receive your care the rest of the year. Life is balanced, life is good.

Then I turn to the bumblebee and ask the same question. ''What? she asked. Can't you see I m busy? Oh.. Very well.. I will tell you about my week. It's been very busy and hard work finding the flowers and dodging a mad cat that wanted to eat me in the process..You know how much hard work is to pollinate flowers while having to dodge that animal?''

''Oh.. I won't stall you then'', I said.

I found one of the magpies that have a nest up the apple tree and asked him the same question what  have you accomplished the last 7 days?

''Well, lets see, he said
Right, I was out on a date with my wife, purchased our dream house, up an apple tree and the rest of the week we have been dodging a mad cat that keeps on climbing up the tree.. Honestly it is getting ridiculous. That beast has more fur than brains. He just comes close to the house and then climbs back down when I shout at him! So my answer would be, surviving''

So, when Olaf came home, after chasing anything that moved. I asked him the same question

And he said (after a huge yawn)
''I ve been out, making friends. Enjoying the sun, the spring, the food, the thrill of the chase, my naps and of course the fact that at the end of the day I have some people to take care of me and love me. In my turn I make this soothing sound just to express how safe and loved I feel. True some of those days I did throw up some furballs and did some stuff that might have been annoying but the important thing is that I am loved and cared for because I am who I am not because I am who others want me to be''

And after all that I realised that the simple things in life are the ones that will truly make you happy. Nature hides so much wisdom that most people can't see.
It nurtures our mind, soul, heart and body in so many different ways and the things she accomplishes each day might seem simple, but they are so much important than me updating my blog :P Of course in our everyday life, since we have made it a bit complicated, some things have to be done. In my opinion though, the lesson is to find the balance between our work and recreation. It doesn't take anything elaborate to entertain us. At the end of the day, all we need is go out and enjoy the sights smells and tastes that surround us and the perfect opportunity is the weekend! It is getting very close now and it is time for all of us to stop, take a break and enjoy the thrill of life that beats all around us

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