Friday, 7 June 2013

The Sunny Days Of June!

Greetings Dear Tree Friends

May is long gone and with it the last days of spring for this year! The days here are warm (but thankfully not too warm), Olaf is still climbing the apple trees and harass the magpies and they actually have become a bit more.. daring as you can see :

He was really close to me although I was inside the house when I took that photo. Magpies are so beautiful birds!!! I was a bit amused since he nibbled the contents of pot you see.. He was eating or tasting a bit of parsley I have planted there :P

On other news, I ve been so busy around the house. We still haven't finished 100%, but we are sooo close! Finished with the whole ground floor and the only thing that is left is some painting upstairs and to tidy up the office and the guestroom.

So today I wanted to take is easy and take a break from working on the house. I sat on the dining room, watching the green fields outside which are so vibrant against the sun that I was mesmerized!
I took somw slices of an apple tree branch and started to draw upon it. Off course it ended up being a shape of a tree.

The slice is approximately 1.5cm in circumference. In this photo you can see it without any coating.

Afterwards I decided to draw on another small slice. Just a wee tree with some leaves on. Just fooling around mostly, but I must admit I enjoyed so much making these that I thought how can I use them..

And the anser was right in front of me. I had a slice of granite stone my husband had brought from home, plus some triskele symbols I made out of wire and I knew I had to combine all of them together.

I am so happy to present to all of you the Tree Stones! Enchanting stones that will decorate beautifully either your garden, or your house or even your altar if you are a follower of the Old Ways :)

A small sample of a Tree Stone
And here is the first completed Tree Stone:

I will be posting a bit more photos later on on Facebook as well.

I hope you are all enjoying the young summer wherever you are

Many hugs to all xxx

PS: I totally forgot to mention that Under A Violet Moon was featured in this lovely exhibition of so many talented artists of the Fae Team of Etsy! You can check it by clicking here 
I am so honored having one of my pieces among the work of such talented people!!

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