Tuesday, 11 February 2014

New Project Coming On!

As you all know some days ago, my husband has brought me some wire he found. I decided to recycle it and use it for my art. I made a large tree in 2 dimensions as I showed you on my previous post. I did not know exactly what to do with it, but Emma gave me the idea of putting something to hang from the hole and have it as a mobile (many thanks Emma xx ).

The first one I made, as you can see, has swirly branches. I love its shape and I will be keeping this for me. I did the small mistake of not cleaning the wire before I twisted it, but that is fine because it did create some very interesting shades when I cleaned it afterwards. Now, I have it by the window to dry and when that happens I will be finishing it. I will probably hang it on my door, or perhaps on the porch somewhere.

For the next tree I ll be making, I have in mind a different style. I will be going through the process with all of you from here. I am very excited about this.

Let us begin then!!

For starters I have to cut the wire. Remember, this wire is rather thick so I have to use another kind of cutters than my normal small ones. I m not sure how these are called, but you get the idea from the photo. I want the tree to be big so I cut them around 60cm if not more. I don't measure accurately, I want the branches to be asymmetric.

It is a bit of a long process. The wire has a will of its own sometimes and it can lash around. That is why every time I do this I end up with many small cuts on my hands that slowly reveal themselves when I do the dishes :P
After some time, I got my pieces and I bend them like this.
 And for the last step of the day, I use a container where I soak the wire in with warm water and baking soda. From time to time I brush them gently with a toothbrush. In general I just let them have a luxury soak for some hours.
That is the process of today. I am going to take some photos and continue tomorrow.
Stay tuned dear friends xx


  1. Ya! Glad you liked my idea :) if I can afford one I would like to get one for my birthday, Hope you enjoy making then have a great day xxxx.