Thursday, 13 February 2014

Second And Third Day Of The Project

Hello everyone :)
As promised I am posting the process of my new project. So sorry I didn't write anything more yesterday, but I was not feeling all too well. So today, you will get the second and third day's process.

Last time I had cut the wire in pieces and cleaned it. Since this will be a different tree, I decided to cut even more pieces to make it fuller. That deemed it impossible to twist it all by hand. Allan helped me a lot to find the perfect solution!
Even though this made things easier, still it was very hard for me to twist it. At the end I left Allan to twist it for me. He is so very helpful and supportive.

 Afterwards, the pieces of wire look like this. And it is time for me to shape the branches. As you can see, the pieces are not all equal. This was on purpose for a more natural look.

I shaped the branches, by twisting with my hands only. It was much easier than shaping the trunk. Then as you can see, I pulled the individual branches apart. I envisioned a tree on early spring. That means buds of leaves and the way to do it is hammering. I hammered every individual branch. I did not take a photo of that since it was very difficult doing it on my own, but you will see on the next photo how it looks like.

After hammering it was time to paint all branches in a deep green color. I still have them apart at this stage. Here you can see the finished work of hammering and painting.

And here you can see a close up of the branches. For now I will leave them to dry and continue tomorrow.

That's it for today :) It is time for me to enjoy a cup of warm coffee and gaze at the falling snow outside. Till next time, take care dear tree friends and have a lovely day.


  1. Looking great thanks for sharing :))

  2. You are welcome :) I m glad you enjoy the progress :)