Sunday, 9 February 2014

Winter Greetings

Hello everyone
It has been a while since I wrote here. Frankly I am not all that good in blogging.. I guess Facebook is easier to reach all of you. Nonetheless, that is truly not an excuse.

Winter came here after New Years. And by winter I mean snow. We ve had some beautiful days of pure white and silence. The sun hid in the clouds for weeks and the heavy white blanket of winter fell on everything. In times like these I feel so grateful that I do not live in a busy town. It is very soothing sitting outside, wrapped in a blanket and enjoy a cup of warm coffee without the constant city sounds.

 Even though everything is sleeping, I did have the occasional visitor that truly made my day. Three moose decided to come all the way from the forest near our house to munch the branches of the trees. I had never before seen a moose so close. They are majestic animals
 The group had one male and two females. They were strolling through the fields in search for food and ended up all the way to the yard. I watched them from my window until they decided to move away.
A day after, the snow started to melt and we had some rainy days. Everything is still white outside since it is still cold. Melted snow becomes ice at night and it gets a bit slippery. These days I mostly stay at home and work on new projects while I gaze outside the window, admiring the beauty of nature.

 Last week my husband took this wonderful photo of an icy waterfall near the road where he works. I love the complex beauty of the ice. Nature can make some very pretty ice sculptures during winter.

During the last week, my husband brought at home some wire they use for construction. He thought it would be a nice idea if I could recycle it into something pretty, since they would through it away anyways. I accepted the challenge gladly.

And what a challenge it was!! This particular wire is the thickest one I ve ever worked so far! I decided to make a large tree in 2 dimensions. It is the largest I ve made so far. Its height is 25cm! Mostly handtwisted till I reached towards the end when I had to improvise.

I m still not sure exactly what to do with it. It is far from finished. I was feeling a bit crazy today and thought how awesome a ring it would make :P On the other hand that is impossible because it is a heavy piece. I would have to think about it in the days to come, but feel free to add a comment for any suggestions.

I hope you are all having wonderful days and that you enjoy the last part of winter. Till next time stay warm, cozy and don't forget to visit me here or of Facebook for more news :)


  1. What about the main.piece for a mobile and you could hang something from.the ring bit at the.bottom!

  2. That is a very good idea Emma :) Thank you
    I found some small crystals I have which would be ideal for that little hole :)